Engaging Families with Informational Text through PBS KIDS and Molly of Denali

Session Description

PBS KIDS Family & Community Learning (FCL) engages families in hands-on learning through creative play in community settings, including libraries. Over four workshops, children ages 3-8 and grown-ups are introduced to tools to develop knowledge, practices, and perspectives while fostering collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. This session will focus on the newest FCL, featuring the PBS KIDS series Molly of Denali, which encourages families to engage with and create their own informational texts. Modifications that can be used during times of social distancing will also be shared.

Elyse Steven, Director, Ready To Learn Community Engagement, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Lavanya Mohan, Director of Family and Community Learning, PBS
Elizabeth Nicolai, Youth Services Coordinator, Anchorage Public Library, Alaska
Stephanie McFadden-Evans, Community Engagement Manager, Alaska Public Media
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