You Look Like Me! Challenges, Strengths, and Opportunities for BIPOC Library Staff Working with Children

Session Description

In a field overwhelmingly staffed by white women, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) library staff providing service to children have unique challenges, strengths, and opportunities. Panelists, representing a broad spectrum of job titles and work environments, will share their own experiences. This program is intended for BIPOC attendees, who will have opportunities to connect, share, and learn more about how to find support, pursue their own professional goals, and grow in the profession.

Adilene Estrada-Huerta, Bilingual Outreach Youth Services Librarian, Sacramento Public Library, California
Alia Jones, Sr. Library Services Assistant, The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio
Ariana Sani Hussain, Teacher-Librarian, The Blake School, Minnesota
Hanna Lee, Youth Services Coordinator, First Regional Library, Mississippi
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